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About Us

G-DigIT was founded in 2021 to spread knowledge about green IT and sustainable business development. We are experts in ICT, Green Business Strategy, Green projects and Change management. In addition we have strong knowledge about The 2030 Agenda and SDGs. Our goal is to support start-ups and smaller companies that want to be both sustainable and profitable. Green technology and clean energy save resources for all companies and our planet and we want to help you make the best choices for your company. We believe that green choices are a catalyst for innovation and sustainable business development!

Green Transformation

With a well managed corporate identity, you will attract the right customers, employees, and other stakeholders to your business. We have created a guide to increase the organizational awareness needed to strengthen your decision-making and stakeholder dialogue around green & sustainable IT.

For Start-ups

We help new companies to create a sustainable green IT policy and deliver a guide how to start with a sustainable green business. With a green business, you lower your carbon footprints, become more competitive to larger organizations, working towards Sustainable Development Goals and economic sustainability.

Small Businesses

Develop your digital sustainability strategy and green transformation with us. We help companies to identify and reach green IT and clean energy goals. We analyze how you can reduce your carbon footprint of IT, cloud and software infrastructure- aiming at zero digital carbon footprints and create circular value chains. During the evaluation process, we offer internal training and Change Management workshops to empower a green organizational culture including the Sustainable Development Goals relevant for your industry.

Our Services

With our Change Management, Business Development, and Green IT knowledge, we can transform your business into a more sustainable business, a forerunner. We offer life cycle analysis of your IT and digital environment to minimize your carbon footprint, joining net-zero ambitions and aligning with SDGs. In addition, we can help you with your environmental strategy and tailor internal training to deepen the knowledge in-house. G-DigIT always offers free follow-up consultancy after 3 months to ensure compliance.

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En naturlig samarbetspartner för den sociala ekonomin och det hållbara företagandet i Sverige. Ekobanken finansierar verksamheter och projekt som är samhällsförnyande i bred mening, har en sund ekonomi och organisation.
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Tack vare G-digIT har vi fått hjälp att på ett övergripande sätt identifiera och hantera miljöfrågorna för just vår verksamhet. Den grundläggande översikten, tillsammans med enkla nycklar för uppnå våra högt ställda mål, kan tillskrivas G-digIT expertis.
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During the consult, we were given a strong overview of how we can implement internal and external sustainable practises and contribute to Agenda 2030.