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Europe On A Mission To Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Not only must Europe be carbon neutral by 2050, but the IT sector has to go first and be carbon neutral by 2030” stated by Winterson.

Read more about EU’s Green Deal.

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative Brings Together Innovators, Scientists, And Companies

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative brings together innovators, scientists, companies and NGOs with the mission to halve emissions before 2030 through exponential climate action and solutions.

Electricity In Final Energy Demand Grows From One-Fifth To Nearly 50% in 2070

Greater use of clean electricity is central for decarbonization. The share of electricity in final energy demand grows from one-fifth today to nearly 50% in 2070 in the Sustainable Development emissions Scenario, contributing almost a fifth of cumulative CO2 savings. Electricity demand expands by 30 000 Tw, which means that each year to 2070 sees electricity demand equivalent to the current annual demand of Mexico and the United Kingdom combined be added to the world power system, pushing far more use of solar, wind and other renewables, as well as nuclear power.